Jie Wei

Jie Wei


Name: Jie Wei
Position: Recognised DPhil Student
Email: weij16@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn


I completed my BA in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering at Wuhan University, China in 2016, during which my mainly research areas are Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System. After that I start my DPhil studies in Global Change Ecology at Tsinghua University, China, where I investigate the phenological asynchrony between bird life-history timing and their food resources under the remarkable global change. I am also a visiting DPhil student at the Edward Grey Institute for Ornithology in Oxford.

Research Activities:

Rapid climate change may disturb previously trophic interactions by altering the seasonal timings of interacting species asynchronously, resulting in a ‘phenological mismatch’. I am interested in using satellite-derived measures of vegetation green-up as represent of the seasonal vegetation development, and relating this to the crucial life-history events of bird species. I aim to explore the extent to which vegetation green-up predict the variation across space and time in bird seasonal activities, and whether phenological mismatch is related to the fitness-related measures and even long-term population dynamic.


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