Dr Peter Santema

Dr Peter Santema


Name: Dr Peter Santema
Position: Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher
Email: psantema@orn.mpg.de

Short Biography

 I am a behavioural ecologist with a primary interest in the evolution of social behaviour. I use behavioural observations and experimental manipulations in wild animal populations to understand social and environmental factors underlying variation in behaviour.

I work since 2014 as a Postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Seewiesen, where I investigate various aspects of blue tit breeding behaviour with Bart Kempenaers. I am also a visiting Postdoc at the Edward Grey Institute for Ornithology in Oxford.

I received my PhD from the University of Cambridge (2013), during which I investigated the influence of social and hormonal factors on cooperative behaviour in meerkats with Tim Clutton-Brock. I received my MSc (2008) and BSc (2006) from the University of Groningen, during which I investigated coloniality in fairy martins and cooperation in Seychelles warblers with Jan Komdeur. I additionally worked on various research projects across the world as a field researcher.

Research Activities

For my current research activities, see my webpage.


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