Dr Ashley Sendell-Price

Dr Ashley Sendell-Price


Name: Dr Ashley Sendell-Price
Position: Post doctoral researcher
Email: ashley.sendell-price@zoo.ox.ac.uk


In July 2012 I graduated from Aberystwyth University with a first class honours degree in BSc Animal Behaviour and have since completed PG certificates in International Animal Welfare Ethics and Law (University of Edinburgh) and Ecological Survey Techniques (University of Oxford). During my undergraduate degree I completed research projects investigating trade-off decision making including: a voluntary research project that explored the trade-off decisions Metarhizium anisopliae infected locusts must face between swarm cannibalism and behavioural fever (a behavioural response to fungal infection); and my honours project that assessed female mate preference under predation risk in the Trinidadian Guppy. As part of my PG Cert in Ecological Survey Techniques I also conducted a research project exploring the joint effects of green-space size and the presence/absence of key habitat features on avifauna diversity across six urban parklands in Cardiff, Wales.


In September 2015 I joined the University of Oxford as a DPhil student on the NERC Environmental Research Doctoral Training Programme. I am broadly interested in understanding how colonizers of new environments respond to novel selective pressures. For my DPhil project I will study the genomics of divergence and natural selection in the south western Pacific silvereyes (genus: Zosterops) under the supervision of Dr Sonya Clegg and Professor Ben Sheldon.