Saverio Lubrano

Saverio Lubrano


Name: Saverio Lubrano
Position: Visiting Graduate Intern

Short biography

I graduated in 2014 in BO (Organisms Biology) at the University of Rennes 1.  During my degree I have undertaken several internships working on yellow-legged gull behaviour and cetaceous classification.  I learned the basis of birds taxidermy and how to create entomology boxes for museum collections. I am currently doing a Master 2 in Behavioural, Functional and Evolution Ecology (M2 EFCE) at the University of Rennes 1. During my master I have worked on landscape ecology in urban areas evaluating the functionality of urban corridors in Rennes for eight species of passerines. I am currently learning bird ringing and during my masters I have ringed in the stations of Casèt, Brocon (Italian Apls), Fort-Vert, Donges (France), Ponza (little islands’ ISPRA project) and Helgoland (Germany), collaborating with the Museum of Trento (MUSE) and the University of Vienna in research projects about migrants behaviour and physiology.

Research activities

At the EGI I am undertaking an internship under the supervision of Professor Ben Sheldon and Dr Simon Evans. The aim of my research is to understand the consequences of climate changes in tits’ life-history traits (e.g. clutch size) and to understand if the changes in quantitative traits across years are originated only from a plastic response or involve, also, genetic components