Michał Jezierski

Michał Jezierski


Name: Michał Jezierski
Position: DPhil Student
Email: michal.jezierski@zoo.ox.ac.uk

Short biography:

I graduated from Pembroke College, University of Oxford with a BA in Biological Sciences in 2020. During my undergraduate studies, I did my research project with Professor Sonya Clegg working on understanding genetic variation of alpha globin A in the silvereye (Zosterops lateralis) in relation to the prevalence of avian malaria in silvereye populations. For my coursework I have reviewed experimental approaches to understanding local adaptation from both genetic and ecological perspectives, under the supervision of Professor Ben Sheldon and Professor Roberto Salguero-Gómez.

During my undergraduate degree I have been awarded the competitive Pembroke College’s Rokos Award twice, which funded my internships at the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford under the supervision of Professor Peter Holland (DNA barcoding of insects) and Professor Sonya Clegg (evolution of nest architecture in birds).

Research activities:  

For my DPhil project, funded by the Robert and Valerie Appleby Research Scholarship, I am investigating novel directions in the study of avian adaptation to life on islands. Under the supervision of Professor Sonya Clegg (Zoology), Professor Erin Saupe and Professor Roger Benson (Earth Sciences) I will be working on understanding the evolutionary trends in birds as they colonise islands, and how these directions have changed since the introduction of predators and disease by humans.