Loanne Pichot

Loanne Pichot


Name: Loanne Pichot
Position: Visiting Master's Student



After two years of classe préparatoire (BCPST) in Joffre, Montpellier, I joined the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) of Lyon in 2019 as a third-year bachelor student. I did my first internship within the joint research unit Ifremer Sète (France), where I studied the specific habitat preferences of juveniles from three resident fish species in the Prévost lagoon (France), in relation to the nursery function of lagoon micro-habitats. We identified the biotic and abiotic factors driving the three species distributions and abundances in the lagoon, particularly at the stages of juvenile recruitment, sexual maturation and reproduction. Currently I am working with Nilo Merino Recalde on acoustic competition between great and blue tits, as part of my first year master internship from February to June 2021. We are  exploring  whether  the songs of great and blue tits are affected by the relative breeding density of the other species. Specifically, we will test if the acoustic space occupied by blue and great tits overlaps less in areas with higher great tit breeding density.

Research interests:

I would like to work in the coming years and during my PhD on the preservation of the environment and biodiversity. I am interested in how climate change and human activities are impacting animals behaviour, ecosystems ecology and population genetics. My aim is to apply the acoustic skills I will get during my internship at the EGI to endangered species monitoring and the study of interspecific communication study between birds or within mammals.