Joe Woodman

Joe Woodman


Name: Joe Woodman
Position: DPhil Student

Short Biography:

I graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Biological Sciences in 2020, focusing particularly on modules in Zoology during my undergraduate studies. My coursework ranged from assessing the plasticity of social structure in a flock of zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata) under different foraging conditions, to explaining evolutionary theories on the persistence of same-sex sexual behaviour within the animal kingdom.

Research Activities:

I have broad interests in animal behaviour, ecology and evolution. I am joining the EGI to start my DPhil, where I aim to understand the consequences of age structure on natural populations. I will undertake fieldwork on the wild bird (Paridae) community in Wytham Woods, revealing how age structure affects individual-level processes in wild populations, such as behaviour, dispersal, social structure, life history and natural selection. I will also use the long-term data recorded on the wild birds, habitat and food source phenology in Wytham to test the hypothesis that differences in such individual-level processes are predictable and correlate with population age-structure.