Hisham Ali

Hisham Ali


Name: Hisham Ali
Position: DPhil Student
Email: hisham.ali@zoo.ox.ac.uk

Short Biography: 

I graduated from Queen Mary, UoL, with a BSc (Hons) in Zoology. My thesis was on developing a novel method for pool sequence data, using modelling. For my MPhil at Cambridge, I studied the adaptive radiation of Afro-tropical Mycalesina butterflies using Ecological Niche Modelling. I have paleontological, tropical and marine fieldwork experience.

Research activities: 

I am interested in developing population genomics based models. My project will use models to test the mechanisms shaping genomic architecture. During divergence, the distribution of genomic difference changes non-uniformly, this distribution of genomic difference is the genomic landscape. The mechanisms of gene flow, selection, drift and recombination influence genomic architecture. My project will develop the models of Quilodrán, 2018, facilitating the ability to identify the precise cause of the observed patterns in the genomic architecture. I will be using the Silvereye (Zosterops lateralis) species complex as a model organism for my theoretical models.