Dr Simon Evans

Dr Simon Evans


Name: Dr Simon Evans
Position: EGI Resercher and Research Coordinator (Maternity cover)
Email: simon.evans@ieu.uzh.ch

Short biography: My PhD focused on understanding plumage colour variation in a population of great tits in Bagley Wood, near Oxford. I also instigated collaboration with Prof. Lars Gustafsson and, after graduating, took up a postdoc position with him at Uppsala University to study the quantitative genetics of ornament expression in collared flycatchers. In 2015, I moved to the University of Zurich to join Dr Erik Postma’s study of a modern human population, based on an extensive genealogical archive or residents in the Swiss canton of Glarus. I’ve now switched back to birds, coordinating the long-term study of great tits in Wytham Woods and dabbling in more quantitative genetics.

Research activities: Since being introduced to animal modelling during my PhD, I’ve focused on the quantitative genetics of wild populations, based on long-term study populations. Recently, I’ve been using animal models to infer evolution of trait means in animal and human populations. But I am also increasingly interested in how the summary overview presented by a ‘classical’ quantitative genetics study can be expanded, for example by considering the spatiotemporal dynamics of additive genetic effects, or the possibility that elements of the environment are themselves heritable (i.e., indirect genetic effects).

 While at the EGI, I will use genomic data from the long-running population study of Wytham Woods great tits to better understand the relatedness structure of immigrant birds.


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