Carys Jones

Carys Jones


Name: Carys Jones
Position: DPhil Student


I graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc in Biological Sciences in 2020. For my final year dissertation project I used agent-based modelling to study how macroparasite aggregation patterns effect the emergence of microparasite epidemics during co-infection.

As part of my BSc I also spent a year working at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin. There I carried out a meta-analysis looking at the contributions of climate-driven trait changes to demographic rates and population growth rate in birds. This project was part of a much larger meta-analysis involving multiple taxa from around the world. 

Research Activities:

I am interested in how animals, in particular birds, are responding to climate change. My DPhil project, supervised by Prof Ben Sheldon, Dr Ella Cole and Dr Josh Firth, looks at the social, spatial and environmental drivers of seasonal timing of reproduction, using the long-term dataset of the Wytham Tits.

Previously, I studied the effects of the changing climate on timing of reproduction at the population-level. Now I want to take this further by also considering the social and spatial elements that affect these phenological changes within a population. This approach will help to better understand the consequences of responses of seasonal behaviours to environmental change.