Allison Roth

Allison Roth


Name: Allison Roth
Position: DPhil Student


 I obtained a BS (Summa cum laude) in Marine Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. During my senior year, I worked in Bruce Lyon’s lab where I conducted research for my senior thesis on status signaling in wintering golden-crowned sparrows (Zonotrichia atricapilla).

I completed my MA at Columbia University in 2015 under the supervision of Marina Cords. Here, my work centered on intergroup contests in blue monkeys (Cercopithecus mitis) in the Kakamega Forest, Kenya. Additionally, I conducted a couple of side projects, one which involved studying visitor effects on ebony langurs (Trachypithecus auratus) at the Bronx Zoo and another involving photographic sampling of the nocturnal fauna in the Kakamega Forest.

Currently, I am working towards my DPhil in Zoology at the University of Oxford with Ben Sheldon and Tommaso Pizzari as my supervisors.


Broadly, I am interested in social and sexual behavior. For my DPhil, I plan to explore the consequences of an individual’s social environment on that individual’s fitness. I will be working with great tits (Parus major) and red junglefowl (Gallus gallus) as my study systems.


 Chaine, A. S., Roth, A. M., Shizuka, D., & Lyon, B. E. (2013). Experimental confirmation that avian plumage traits function as multiple status signals in winter contests. Animal Behaviour, 86(2), 409-415.