Departed 2012

Ricardo Alves – email:

Adele Powell – email:

Juan Carlos Gonzalez  is now a Professor at the Institute of Biological Sciences, University of the Philippines Los Banos, teaching undergraduate and graduate course in Ornithology, Vertebrate Anatomy, Wildlife Biology and Zoology. Also currently a Director and curator for birds at the UPLB Museum of Natural History in the Philippines, and continues to work on hornbills and historical avian DNA. His new email is

Claire Salisbury is a visiting researcher in the Neotropical Ecology Laboratory, McGill University (, and her personal website is:

Alex Kirschel is a lecturer in the Dept of Biological Sciences at the University of Cyprus. Email:

Shelly Lachish is currently working as an ecological consultant and a freelance writer and editor. She is the creative director of the website and can be contacted at

Erin O’Brien is working as postdoctoral fellow at the University of Northern British Columbia; my email contact is

Adele Mennerat is currently lecturer in evolutionary ecology (with a focus on host-parasite and host-parasitoid interactions), at the University of Amiens (France).  Email:  Website:

Stephen Georgiou has moved to take up a position of trainee Medical Writer with Oxford PharmaGenesis.  His new email is:

Camilla Hinde has moved to a lectureship post at Wageningen University, Netherlands. Email:

Judith Mank and her research group (Peter Harrison, Alison Wright and Stephen Montgomery) moved to UCL to take up a Chair in Evolutionary Genetics. Hooman Moghadam moved to a position in Crete. Alison Wright is based in Oxford.

Julie Morand-Ferron  has moved to an Assistant Professor position at University of Ottawa, Canada.

John Quinn took up a Lectureship in Ecology at the School of BEES, University College Cork, in 2012. His new email address is and his website can be found here.